Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Romantic Minimalism

Why should we have a "NEVER CHANGE" style? 
I WILL BE HERE Necklace .White Granite stone pendant  partially wrapped with hemp cord.Are you known because you wear a “HERE I AM ” accessory   or  perhaps it’s completely the opposite and you wear such tiny jewelry that nobody notice you are wearing one.
 Nothing is wrong with that !
It’s a very personal decision and deciding what to wear is a more complex process than what we think. It reflects your personality and your mood.
LOVELY ROSE  Necklace. Rose quartz stone , fabric flowers and leather leaves.Give yourself the chance “to  play” and for a week, mix styles, try different clothes , accessories or even make up!
It will, surprisingly, bring a lot of joy to your non stop busy week-days.
While you think about it, sneak a peak at my new designs,two very different styles!       


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