Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't know What to wear? Wear plants.

If the sun refuses to shine, bring more life to your life, wear these adorable mini plants!
 I love them , I've never seen something so cute, so creative. Enjoy them as much as I do.

Red Bike Planter
Photos by :  Wearable Planter.

    Red Bike Planter

 Miniature Wearable Planter Gift Set: Icosahedrons

Miniature Icosahedron in Aqua: A Wearable Planter
A Wearable Planter, No. 3, in Mint
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

need color?

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Textile jewellery.
Full lengh.
Available with no beads.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Recycling is the process of turning trash into usable materials.

Recycling paper not only saves energy but also saves trees, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere.
 The EPA estimates that producing a recycled paper product requires only 60 percent of the energy required to create one from fresh wood pulp, and the Energy Administration Information reports that recycling a ton of paper can save 17 trees.
Recycling paper also requires about half the water normally used in processing paper from virgin wood.


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Coin Purses for this Long Weekend.

Adorable coin purses from Lazy Doll by Bo.

Pink Rose Love Purse (Metal Frame )Bird embroidery little purseCute Bunny Girl Purse blue (Metal Frame, My Own Design and Hand Made)SALE Sailing Away purse with Hand  Embroidery  Anchor (Metal Frame)
Simple Life Coin Purse (Metal Frame)

Sale Heart heart Embroidery purse (Metal Frame, My Own Design and Hand Made)
                                                                                                                                       Photos by Lazy Doll.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


          Say YES to these LOVELY items.

          Thinking about my wedding day today. I'd pick this box, these dolls and of course these shoes if I'd had the chance 10 years ago! Don't you?

Proposal Ring Gift Box
1 - Ring Box  By Flo Kane at

The Original - Custom Peg Doll Wedding Cake toppers by Goose Grease - wooden dolls
2- Cake Dolls BY goosegrease

Ivory Grosgrain Women's Wedges

Ivory Grosgrain Women's ClassicsPetal Grosgrain Women's Classics
3- Shoes : Wedding collection  By Toms

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

                                                                                                  My Little Valentine. I Love you.

Painted rocks by Gabale.

Monday, February 13, 2012





Thursday, February 9, 2012


Write to me.

I'm quite old fashioned when it comes to write notes, grocery list or " to do" list.
Instead of the keyboard I love "pencil  & paper" for that.
Specially for the "to do" lists. Nothing more pleasant than crossing out an errand or a chore that was in pending status for many days, sometimes weeks!

But what about Letters? to friends, to family, to the love ones.

Reading the Letters my Grandma used to send from Buenos Aires to my son, for him to read them when he grows older, beside crying , I realized I could feel the connection. She'd touched the same paper I was touching. I could see in one of the letters, that  she'd changed  the ink  from a light  blue to a darker one. I know where she used to keep the pens, and I know the chair she sat down to write.The uneven trace was showing her age but what she wrote was showing her young spirit and her big heart.

my favorite pen : Namiki Pilot
my favorite paper : Moleskine
last letter I wrote on "Paper" : to my Mom.

write to somebody today, you'll create good memories.

Soy completamente anticuada cuando se trata de escribir notas, listas de mercado o listas de cosas para hacer.
Me encanta  el "Lapiz & Papel " en vez del teclado para ello.
Especialmente para la "lista de cosas para hacer". Nada mas placentero que "tachar" un mandado o tarea que estaba pendiente por dias, a veces por semanas!

Pero que sucede con Las Cartas? a los amigos,  a la familia, a los amores.

Leyendo las cartas que mi Abuela solia escribirle a mi hijo, desde Buenos Aires, para que él las lea cuando sea mayor, ademas de llorar, me di cuenta que podia sentirla escribiendo. Ella habia tocado el mismo papel que yo estaba tocando.Pude ver en una de las cartas que habia cambiado la tinta de un azul claro a uno mas oscuro. Yo se donde ella guardaba sus lapiceras.Conozco la silla donde se sento escribir. El trazo irregular de la letra contaba sobre su edad, pero lo que escribia hablaba de su espiritu joven y su gran corazon.

mi lapicera favorita: Namiki Pilot
mi papel favorito: Moleskine.
la ultima carta que escribi en papel : a mi Mamá.

escrible a alguien hoy, crearas buenos recuerdos.
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Handmade Paper and Goldenrod Pen Stationery Sets- Set of 10 sheets

Handmade PAPER- Natural Brown Recycled Paper, Medium weight. 100 Sheets. 15% off bulk orders.

Set of 3 Recycled Paper Notebooks


    Purse for Pens and Cosmedic Pencils

Monday, February 6, 2012

taking some minutes off...just thinking...
tomandome algunos minutos...solo pensando.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

 Featured Local Restaurant : Lucille's

I've enjoyed a late and quite  lunch with my husband today.
We decided to go to Lucille's and it was a great choice.The prices were fair, the place was very clean, the waitress very kind and the guests next table very friendly! Actually they  asked us  about our dish and they ordered the same food that we did!
 Kids friendly because of the menue and the outdoor lake view terrace, where your children can feed turtles and fish.

Lucille's American Cafe in Weston, Florida.

Fresh water with ice and lemon.

My order : Delicious Veggie Sandwich : Grilled Portobello Mushroon with grilled vegetables, melted parmesan and swiss cheese. Colesaw on the side.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Textile Jewellery.
One Piece, different ways to wear it.
Joyeria Textil.
 Una Pieza, dieferentes modos de usarla.

1- Green-White-Brown Crochet Flowers.
Double Strand.


2- Green-White-Brown Crochet Flowers.
Single Strand.

3- Light Blue Cotton Cord Wrapped Double Strand Necklace
4- Blue-White-Brown Wrapped Cotton Cord  Necklace.
5- Light Blue Cotton Cord Wrapped  Necklace.

6- Blue-White-Brown Crocher Flower and Leather Lace Necklace

7- Blue-White-Brown Crocher Flower and Leather Lace Necklace.(close view)

8- Orange Cotton Cord Wrapped Double Strand Necklace

9- Orange Cotton Cord Wrapped  Necklace.

10- Orange Cotton Cord Wrapped  Single Necklace.

11- Orange-White-Brown Crocher Flower and Leather Lace Necklace.(close view)

12- Orange-White-Brown Crocher Flower and Leather Lace Necklace
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