Monday, September 12, 2011

Short Stories : Enjoy each other, laugh together.

We spent the weekend in Orlando.
We were waiting anxiously for this trip because my brother in law and his family came to visit.
In the car, heading back home from this special weekend, eating snacks, listening to “Another day” by Jamie Lidell   my son (7)  started to play a “test your memory" kind of game. He started to ask questions regarding our past, our childhood…
Some of the questions were : what was the first solid food you eat : NESTUM CEREAL ;at what age you were potty trained :2 ; at what age you went to preschool :4 ; the babble gum of your preference : BAZOOKA and of course after spending the weekend in Disney, where did you go for the first time to a roller coaster was the next question, my husband and I answered at the same time: ITAL PARK ,a  very popular feria in Buenos Aires, actually the only one that existed back in those years.
My son said: “did you ever run into each other ?”
We laughed,  but  the “nostalgia” was in the air.
At the end of the “questionnaire” he said : HEY GUYS YOU HAVE A LOT IN COMMON !
And that is true. Sometimes we, as couples, as friends, have more things in common that what we see. Simple things.
I encourage you to let your mind fly and go back to your past and laugh together with the ones that you love.

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