Thursday, January 26, 2012

Short Story - Two Girls and The Bird
Good morning! I always liked writing. To me, it is a way to express whatever I feel without thinking too much. Without thinking if I’m going to hurt somebody’s feelings or if it’s really what I wanted to say.
I’ve written to myself since I was a little girl. I remember I had a Diary, pink, with a locker and a key. I loved it because nobody could see what was inside, nobody could possible know …
I enjoy stories. It gets my attention when somebody, in the middle of a conversation says “let me tell you a story about somebody that I know”. I don’t know for sure if the story is real or not but as soon as I hear those words, I’m into it.
There’s a story everywhere.
It’s just a matter of minutes it takes to stop, pay attention and you’ll realize you are in front of multiple stories everyday in your daily routine.
Here is one of those…
 Two girls and the bird.
It was Thursday noon, on winter vacation in a gated community in South Florida.
Two girls were biking on the sidewalk and all of the sudden, they see a young Falcon that just caught his prey, a black bird, who was desperated trying to escape.
The Girl with white shirt runs toward the Falcon and shouts: “leave him alone, leave him alone!!!!
The black bird flew as fast as he could, he was hurt. The Falcon stayed around on top of a parked car.
The girl with pink shirt, stopped in front of the Falcon, and said:
“you are a mean bird….let me tell you something:  if we see that  black bird again we will never, ever let you know where he is or how he is doing!!!!"
The girl with white shirt stated:
“She's right, never, ever!!!!! You are bad ".

true story.


  1. what a story!I adore the sketches. Just perfect.

  2. Oh I have just noticed the link in your sidebar to my blog. I am so thrilled that you enjoy my blog enough to share it with others. You have made my day. thank you!

    1. I'm very happy to hear that ! you deserve it and thak you for your comments.
      keep in touch.
      Gabriela from Gabale.