Monday, April 30, 2012

NESPRESSO wearable coffee capsules.

Colors and textures inspire me.
The packaging says a lot about the company that sells the product, there is a lot of thinking and effort in the process of color selection, materials, combinations and patterns.
When I buy something, most of the time, I keep the packaging and I reuse it as is, or I use some parts and  make  something different out of it.
 Nespresso Capsules caught my eye since day one. The colors, the size and material are incredibly combined and I feel I want to keep them, in some way, forever.
In this case, wearing  them wherever I go.
I got the pleasure of incorporating Nespresso capsules in my designs. My handmade cord discs necklaces , have now, another reason to be proud  :  “Help The Earth” reusing this recyclable adorable coffee capsules.
                    These lovely and colorful necklaces have as a central piece a  Nespresso Capsule.
Purpose :
 Help the Planet reusing  used capsules.
 Invite you to see a different way to wear an accessory. 
 Invite you to see the life in a different color.

Please enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed the process of making them:
 Process :
  1. capsules collection from my dear Friends.
  2. pretend I knew the purpose of collecting the capsules(at that point I did not know exactly what I was going to do with them)
  3. cleaning the capsules.
  4. drying the capsules.
  5. flattening  the capsules out.
  6. all the steps involved in the fabrication of these hand made cord discs.
Thanks to :
Claudia who's idea inspired me.
My Friends Caty, Dolores, Silvia, Ruti, Geny, Andrea, Debbie, Gloria...who collected and kept the used capsules for me wondering what for ???!!!
My Son who helped me to flatten the capsules out, clean and dry them one by one.

These pieces are made to order. If you'd like to order one, you could pick your flavor, and contact me at


  1. Such creative and fun ideas! And so pretty!

  2. Love the idea, lovely colors, and best of all recycled. Thanks to you

  3. Fabulous idea and colors combo!!!

  4. Gabi, estan buenisimas!!