Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lunch Break.

What do you do at Lunch Time? Seems to be an obvious answer : "eat".
But in today's life, where time is one of the things we lack the most, we try to take advantage of every second, specially women.
 We are in this culture of people working through lunch and I can't deny it, I feel part of it.
Lunch time  is to me "eat + do as much as I can" time.I usually  eat something fast while I try to get all those annoying things out of the way, or after eating something fast I do some errands.
Is it good? It doesn't sound right.

Here I share some Tips for Lunch Break. I already started ! 
  1. have a light meal.
  2. outdoor-walk.
  3. visit your favorite shop. Sometimes your favorite shop offers food. Wholefoods Market is one of my favorites, there, I eat, walk and buy products that I love, such as Nag Champa Incense or Auric Blends hand-made Incense and Goat Milk Soap.
  4. do stretching exercises.
  5. take a brief nap.  Music could help you to fall asleep for a few minutes and get the energy to go through the day.    http://www.napsounds.com/power_napping_tips.html
  6. plan your lunch as "meeting time". 




what's your plan for today's LUNCH Break ?
Share with us what works for you.

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